Online Discussions

The primary activity of Deliberation Gateway is to host online discussions about various aspects of deliberation. At each discussion there will be a diversity of individuals with an interest in Deliberative Democracy. Each discussion is a place where you can find—or pass on—knowledge about deliberation, and is a source of ideas for processes that could help local communities solve their own problems for themselves.

Registration and attendance for our discussions are completely free and we aim to encourage those involved with our discussions to establish deliberation and participatory processes in their own communities. Experiencing deliberation is the best way to decide if this is a good idea to attempt more widely.

Such events could be for schools, companies, offices, churches, towns or any other kind of community and they can focus on topics relevant to that community. If you’re interested in putting on a deliberation in your community, come to one of our events to learn more. We can help connect you people to help with your deliberation, and, if you have already tried one out then please come and tell our community how it went so we can all learn from your experience!

We look forward to welcoming you to our next event!

A link to register at each of our events may be found here: