The Monthly Discussions

The primary activity of Deliberation Gateway is to host online discussions about various aspects of deliberation. At each discussion there will be a diversity of individuals with an interest in Deliberative Democracy. Each discussion is a place where you can find—or pass on—knowledge about deliberation, and is a source of ideas for processes that could help local communities solve their own problems for themselves.

Registration and attendance for our discussions are completely free but we do have three extremely simple suggestions that we ask you to observe, and one request:

Suggestion 1: Take part! We urge you to come along to the discussions with an open mind and lots of questions.

Suggestion 2: If you like it, and learn a lot, then invite someone new to the next discussion so you can pass on what you have learned.

Suggestion 3: Visit the website, (well done! you’re already here!) which is designed to be an ultra-concise introduction to deliberation with links to further information and a summary of the upcoming discussions. It takes about five minutes to read the whole thing!

The request we make at each meeting is that individuals think about how they can set up a deliberation in their own community.  After all, experiencing deliberation first hand is the best way of learning about it, and the fastest way to spread the idea. If each person who comes to the gateway runs an event with 10 or 100 people in every part of the U.S., and those people report their attendance in their social media to 100+ people each, then we could reach hundreds of thousands of people throughout the U.S. in a simple grass roots exercise in no time, a sizeable percentage of the population.

Such events could be for schools, companies, offices, churches, towns or any other kind of community and they can focus on topics relevant to that community. If you’re interested in putting on a deliberation in your community, we ask that you come to one of our quarterly events first for advice. That way we can connect you with the right people to help with your deliberation, and, if you have already tried one out then please come and tell our community how it went so we can all learn from your experience!

We look forward to welcoming you to our next event!

A link to register at each of our events may be found here: