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Introductory Essays

Macleans 1991 Experiment

Key aspects of the Deliberative Democracy Movement


National Coalition for Deliberation and Dialogue — a network of innovators who bring people together across divides to tackle today’s toughest challenges.

Democracy R & D— Helping diverse groups of citizens to reach informed judgements and share decisions with governments.

Deliberative Democracy Consortium—an alliance of leading organisations and scholars working in the field of public engagement, participation, and deliberation.

Center for New Democratic Processes— an organisation to help design and create inclusive participatory solutions for difficult public and organisational challenges, particularly the Citizen’s Jury.

Sortition Foundation—an organisation promoting the use of random selection to populate citizens’ assemblies, parliament or congress.

The Co-intelligence Institute — promotes awareness of co-intelligence and of the many existing tools and ideas that can be used to increase it.

Participedia—A global community for sharing knowledge and stories about public participation and democratic innovations—particularly good for examples of deliberations and participatory events worldwide.